10.26.2023 | News & Views | Publications

Denis F. Alia and Thomas M. Brown published an article for DRI’s “For the Defense” magazine titled “PFAs – An Overview of National Litigation, Updates to Federal and State Regulations.”

By Denis F. Alia

Denis F. Alia and Thomas M. Brown of Cetrulo LLP published an article on recent national PFAS litigation for DRI’s “For the Defense” magazine. Alia and Brown provided an update on PFAS litigation, an overview of applicable federal and state regulations, as well as practical advice for businesses.

In recent years, PFAS or “forever chemicals,” have risen to the forefront of nationwide toxic tort litigation. Showing similar patterns to other areas of toxic tort litigation, including contested theories of liability, causation and damages, the PFAs environment is poised to see increased litigation as governments enact and enforce more regulations and as businesses attempt to comply with an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

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