02.18.2016 | News & Views

Cetrulo LLP Announces Affiliation with Intellectual Property Attorneys The Hsuanyeh Law Group PC

Fiber Optic

In January, 2016, The Hsuanyeh Law Group PC became “Of Counsel” to Cetrulo LLP. The Hsuanyeh Law Group is a partnership of attorneys Hsuanyeh Chang, PhD and Zachary M. Thomas, PhD. Both Dr. Chang and Dr. Thomas bring extensive expertise in patent, trademarks and copyright law and related intellectual property fields such as trade secrets and licensing.

Dr. Chang’s technology know-how includes software/hardware, semiconductors, electronics, mechanics, optics, medical devices, nanotechnology, bioassay, liquid crystal displays (LCD), organic light emitting diodes (OLED), telecommunications, electronic circuits, digital/analog signal processing, and others. Dr. Chang is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and conversational in German.

Dr. Thomas’ technology know-how includes computer science, electrical engineering, image and signal processing, telecommunications, radar, semiconductors, electronic device testing, embedded systems, geo-positioning, security systems, non-destructive testing technologies, software and others.

The Hsuanyeh Law Group PC will complement significantly Cetrulo LLP’s growing business practice.

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