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We realize that despite the transportation industry’s efforts to promote safety, commercial motor vehicles are subject to accidents and incidents, with effects that can be catastrophic. Cetrulo LLP attorneys are highly-skilled and experienced litigators with expertise in the complex issues that may arise in transportation and trucking-related claims under both state and federal laws.

Cetrulo LLP attorneys are experienced in handling issues such as NHTSA investigations, TREAD Act reporting, multiple vehicle accidents involving trucks as insureds, investigations, inspections and negotiation of applicable protocols, and spoliation of evidence relating to vehicular accidents. Cetrulo LLP attorneys have connections with multiple experts qualified to perform investigation and inspections relating to accident reconstruction and vehicle fires, as well as to opine on federal guidelines and regulation compliance issues. This experience allows us to handle all types of cases, from multiple party catastrophic matters to cases involving smaller or moderate risk exposures.


Cetrulo LLP attorneys have represented multiple national freight carriers in complex transportation cases. Most recently, Cetrulo LLP attorneys represented two major freight carriers in a multi-plaintiff case involving a collision with a bus. The case involved numerous complex issues regarding the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act and electronic truck data. This matter resolved in April 2013, on the eve of jury selection to the clients’ satisfaction.

Cetrulo LLP attorneys successfully represented a commercial truck driver in a negligence action in Massachusetts Superior Court, reaching a settlement prior to trial. Cetrulo LLP attorneys defended the trucking company and driver, who was accused of driving too close to a parked car and crashing into the driver of the car while he was opening his car door, causing arm and shoulder injury to the driver.

Cetrulo LLP attorneys successfully represented a commercial trucking company in a claim by its driver, in a case removed to the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts. Plaintiff driver accused the company of failing to load a truck properly before delivery. Plaintiff alleged that he had to pull over in icy conditions to secure the load and he fell off the truck, causing head injuries.

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