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Talc Litigation


Plaintiffs allege that talc-based products have been linked to a number of illnesses, including ovarian cancer and mesothelioma. Talc is a naturally-occurring hydrous silicate mineral, which has been and continues to be mined all over the world. Talc is used in a wide-variety of industrial and commercial products, such as plastics, paints, coatings, rubbers, food, pharmaceuticals, and ceramics. Since talc is soft to the touch and inert, talc has also been used in a number of cosmetic products, including baby and body powders, makeup, and feminine hygiene products.

For over a decade, attorneys in Cetrulo LLP’s Toxic Tort Litigation Practice have represented the full spectrum of “talc defendants,” including suppliers and distributors of raw talc powder, as well as manufacturers of talc-based products. Attorneys at Cetrulo LLP have successfully litigated every iteration of talc claim, including plaintiffs who allege exposure to asbestos from the application of cosmetics.

As the court-appointed Defendants’ Liaison Counsel in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Lawrence G. Cetrulo and Cetrulo LLP also serve as leaders in talc litigation, coordinating the state-wide defense groups and routinely addressing talc-related issues with the court, Plaintiffs’ Liaison Counsel, and co-defense counsel. Whether through the negotiation of global issues with plaintiffs’ counsel, the organization of defense medical cost share groups, or by arguing motions on behalf of all defendants, Cetrulo LLP is well-positioned to navigate the future of the developing talc litigation.

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