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Employ a proactive approach

Developing changes in employment law and costly penalties for non-compliance can have a negative impact on a business’ bottom line. Cetrulo LLP’s Employment Group works proactively with clients to develop practical, easy-to-interpret policies and guidelines that comply with the law and help clients achieve their business goals.

Our Employment Group attorneys have a strong understanding of the unique challenges faced by today’s businesses.  Our attorneys work directly with clients to anticipate and avoid costly employment issues before they arise.  By providing up-to-the minute employment advice and guidance, Cetrulo LLP’s attorneys arm our clients with the knowledge necessary to comply with complicated and often-counterintuitive employment laws.  As a result, our clients are able to focus on their business, rather than costly, time-consuming employment disputes.

Business-minded, common-sense solutions

Where disputes are unavoidable, your business needs attorneys with the experience and knowledge necessary to minimize potential risks.  Our attorneys have represented businesses and individuals in employment-related litigation before numerous state and federal courts, the Equal Opportunity Commission and the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.  Our attorneys have successfully resolved employment disputes through negotiation and mediation, both before and during litigation.  Drawing on extensive experience negotiating and litigating employment-related matters, our Employment Group provides a practical, cost-sensitive approach to help clients efficiently resolve disputes if and when they arise.

Working on your behalf

Our attorneys’ expertise covers a wide range of employment-related matters, including:

·         Harassment, discrimination and retaliation

·         Whistle blowing

·         Wage and hour

·         Family and medical leave

·         Non-compete, trade secrets, and confidentiality

·         Breaches of fiduciary duties

·         Privately-owned company ownership disputes

·         Negotiation of severance agreements

·         Negotiation of employment contracts

·         Interference with business and contractual relations

·         Defamation

 ·        Employee theft


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