Practice Area

National and Regional Coordinating Counsel


Cetrulo LLP serves as National Coordinating Counsel for several companies in industry-wide, multi-jurisdictional toxic substance litigation. We develop, implement, and coordinate defense strategies in liability claims involving asbestos and other substances, including benzene, lead pigment, PFAs, talc, and welding rods.

Our firm is well-positioned to perform the multitude of tasks associated with this pivotal role. Our attorneys have actively participated in the defense of toxic tort cases across the United States, and have tried cases in all of the New England states, as well as in New York, New Jersey, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Louisiana, Missouri, and Mississippi.

We offer a 360-degree approach that includes:

  • extensive nationwide contacts with experts in numerous fields
  • working closely with defense lawyers throughout the country
  • mediation, arbitration, individual trials, and consolidated trials
  • tailoring a successful defense strategy for high-profile companies targeted in litigation and those seeking to maintain a low profile, and various positions in between the two
  • full access to firm-wide resources, including an extensive digital library of expert witness testimony, in-house Legal Nurse Consultants, an extensive in-house medical library, and sophisticated technology that reduces costs and streamlines processes

Whether serving as National or Regional Coordinating Counsel, our attorneys adhere to several guiding principles, including:

  • maintaining trial readiness
  • adhering to local customs and practice
  • analyzing claims to arrive at the best settlement calculations
  • instituting documentation requirements
  • ensuring that local counsel and all others involved understand the trial and settlement strategies