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Cetrulo LLP represents clients at the trial level and continues to represent them when appellate issues arise. Our experienced trial attorneys routinely appear before the Federal 1st Circuit, Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Court of Massachusetts, and other appellate courts in New England and New York. We also frequently appear in the Massachusetts Appeals Court seeking interlocutory relief of a trial court decision on a motion or request for injunctive relief. Additionally, we often advise outside trial lawyers on the likelihood of appellate review success, and handle the brief writing and argument of their case at the appellate level.

Cetrulo LLP attorneys have successfully upheld favorable trial judgments on appeal, and argued and overturned unfavorable judgments at the appellate level. Examples of our works include:

  • argued successfully in upholding a motion to dismiss in an employment case in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals
  • upheld a R.I. District Court trial verdict in the 1st Circuit
  • appeared in state and federal appellate courts in numerous cases raising issues of toxic tort, construction and maritime law
  • successfully represented insurance carriers in an appeal of a declaratory judgment action involving claims for coverage for thousands of suits brought by life insurance policyholders
  • filed briefs, as defendants' liaison counsel in the asbestos litigation, on various toxic tort issues and argued successfully before appellate courts in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut
  • briefed and argued in support of a Superior Court jury verdict in which, in a landmark decision, the Supreme Judicial Court affirmed the trial court judgment
  • successfully upheld Daubert trial court challenge in a benzene case in the 1st Circuit

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