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Cetrulo LLP is at the forefront of high-profile, high-stakes class action lawsuits. Leveraging the firm’s expertise in handling complex, multi-party lawsuits, we adeptly process, organize and analyze large amounts of data to develop a fact-based, cohesive defense strategy.

Illustrating the firm’s experience, Cetrulo LLP was involved in two landmark New England cases, representing: (1) a materials supplier to a Rhode Island nightclub where 100 persons were killed in a tragic fire; and (2) a chemical supplier to a Danvers, Massachusetts, factory where an explosion resulted in extensive property damage to numerous residences in the surrounding area.

Lawrence G. Cetrulo, a founding partner and chairman of the firm’s Class Action Practice Group, is a pioneer in class action law. With over 40 years of experience defending class actions, Mr. Cetrulo speaks and publishes regularly on class action defense. Notably, he is the author of the preeminent treatise on toxic tort litigation, the four-volume “Toxic Torts Litigation Guide,” published by Thomson West, which encompasses class actions.

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